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This page was made in loving memory of our cutsie little baby daughter Sophia Beatriz...aka PIA. She was born on the 17th day of October 1998. At exactly 3:34 P.M. at the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminister, British Columbia, Canada. She weighed 7 lbs. and 8 oz. at birth and was 50.7 c.m. long. She has a dimple on her right cheek. She looks more like her Dad than she does her mom....her cheeks say it all!!! Pia was the first grand daughter in both sides of our family......she is now happy with God in heaven.... she's now our little angel!!!!! We really thank God for allowing us to be her parents.....she's always gonna be our one and only "piagurrr"!! By the way don't forget to sign the guestbook, okay? Thanks! .....well, she's not really gone anyway, she's just in the best place called heaven and she's waiting for us there. Thanks for visiting!!! I'm sure she's really happy that lots of people love her, miss her and absolutely think she's cute!!!